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value. electronics, automobiles, high technology products. mexicand by productivity, asian companies are settling in mexico. a taiwanese company chose this city to build its largest factory. >> ecuador and bolivia would also be cheaper, but in terms of taxes, would i find those conditions as good there as here? that is the first question. the second is, how far am i from my target market? treaties signed trade with countries all over the world, encouraging entrepreneurs despite the security and corruption problems that hamper the country's potential. >> he was one of america's best- known crime writers, and one month after suffering a stroke, elmore leonard died at his home in detroit tuesday. amongst his 45 gritty novels were bestsellers that inspired films such as "shorty" and "jackie brown." william hildebrand takes a look back at his life. had a ritual.ard first, write by hand, then on a typewriter. of america's most foremost crime writers and said he would never quit his passion of telling stories. >> there is no reason to. this is the most enjoyable thing i do. i have been doin
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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